M Shadows.

Eats junk food.


I totally counteracted it its fine no weight gain here

Do you ever get a taste for milk with some food and then you have milk and you’re like ew wtf am I doing I hate milk


by chloevaux

fedorasandbananas replied to your post:

Ew. Exercise. *shudders*

But it’s so good for youuu

Anybody else like to run in the morning?


Matt is just a stupendous person and you should all get to know him because I’ve never had a best friend like him. He is as gentle as I am abrasive. I love him dearly.

But he’s also a fuckin’ smartass don’t let him fool you.

I was excited about this and then…

I guess I’m missing something majorly important between people who are major enemies and I don’t know the inner works of peoples circles and now ya’ll will get stupendously awkward so like I said. Sleep time.

And this is where I go to bed while the babies are asleep. Till tomorrow minions.


Iron Man - Mark IV by ky27

There’s also some form of love fest happening on dash

So I’m a nerd like Brian and watched the Avengers Assemble Season 2 Episode 1 and YO TONY ANGST 

Laurel also decided that smacking River was a good idea today. Hell ensued.

I’m sooo excited for hockey season